12oz - We often get asked, What is Espresso? Truly Espresso is a brew method and not a coffee. While there truly is an art to espresso blending, because so much more is extracted from the beans. Every little flavor comes into play. Siskin Espresso is very well balanced to give a nice mouthful of those earthy coffee tones , while also the brightness that makes the cultivars sing. Our espresso not high acidity like some but yet floral with chocolatey notes to finnish. We’ve been told it’s amazing. And of course you don’t have to Espresso it, you can brew it however you want. 


NOTE ON COFFEE SHIPPING:  Due to our deep and abiding belief that coffee tastes way better fresh, we roast as orders are placed in order to ensure that you get your beans at the apex of deliciousness. This can result in variable shipping times of up to a week before your coffee is shipped to you. Thanks for your patience.

Siskin Espresso