Choose Your Beans

Mexican Roast.png

Siskin Mexican Blend is a blend for the coffee connoisseur.  Mexican Nayarita beans are known for their near winelike taste qualities.  Dry, bold and sharp flavors. A deep coffee taste with a near black tea finish. 

African Roast.jpg

Sub Saharan beans are known the world over for their excellent floral flavor with a lasting caramel finish.   Siskin Coffee plays on this flavor profile using Kenyan and Ethiopian beans.

Signature Blonde.png

Siskin Coffee truly cherishes our blonde coffee drinkers.  These are the coffee purists that truly love coffee and Siskin Coffee loves coffee.   

Signature Medium.png

Siskin medium roast is a perfect blend for any coffee drinker.  The Latin base meets Kenyan to balance out acidity with caramel chocolaty goodness.   This stuff is that cup you want to consume each day. 

Signature Dark Roast.png

This is the roast that “puts hair on your chest.”  People just love their dark roast coffee and this blend is that dark roast you will love.  It’s bold, it’s smoky and it’s strong. 

Siskin Espresso.png

We often get asked , What is Espresso? Truly Espresso is a brew method and not a coffee. While there truly is an art to espresso blending, because so much more is extracted from the beans.