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Clinical Strength Coffee will be the only pre workout you’ll ever need. Start your morning with a cup and then don’t be surprised when you lock out a massive bench press, pull a huge deadlift, deliver a crushing handshake, and wrestle a bear into submission; all before lunch.


Read up on this epic flavor profile and then get after it. Go be awesome. 


I am not just a chiropractor. I'm a strength coach and lecture all over the world for MobilityWOD and StrongFirst, discussing human performance, strength and conditioning, and applying these concepts to coaching and clinical work.


I have worked hard the last 10 plus years meshing basic concepts around strength work and lower skill conditioning improve the lives and function of the patients I work with. I have found strength and conditioning, particularly strongman (strongwoman) and kettlebell style programming, to be accessible and infinitely scalable.


The movements and principles help replicate situations they may find themselves in outside of my clinic and, when executed with proper technique and focused practice, can replace many of the complicated progressions you see in typical "corrective" work.

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Contact Travis Jewett: drjewett07@gmail.com

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